If our services do not produce transactions, YOU DO NOT PAY!

Our pay only for results fee structure, means that your business is never at any financial risk whatsoever. If there is no risk to you, that means you always win.

Our Services

Created to help small and medium sized businesses, grow market share and income.

Advertising & Marketing
Every successful business has access to an advertising and marketing team.  We will be your team.

Reward & Loyalty Program
Every business should have a reward and loyalty program, in order to properly compete. A rewarded person is happy and loyal.

Give more to your supporters and you will get more from them. We have removed the risk, simplified the process ....

Idea To Business Service
We can help to turn your idea into a business, by getting you access to some of the essential services that you need.

Easy Monthly Income Opportunity
If you can ask a simple question once, you can create an income source for yourself.

Payment Management Service
We will be responsible for payment processing for goods and services provided to and by your business.

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Mass Web Service was created to provide multiple solutions to entrepreneurs in order to help them become successful.

Our goal is to help entrepreneurs overcome the challenges of getting the right exposure for their business.  And using the exposure to attract and retain customers/clients for their business.

As such we make confidential investments in select businesses, that we feel have a good chance of success. 

If there is a service or product that you need for your business, let us know and we will try to arrange it for you.


You can contact us or have us contact you.